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Since 2015 Disruption Summit has been helping leaders across all sectors navigate digital disruption. Bringing together experts at the forefront of digital innovation we demonstrate what it takes to build successful, digitally resilient organisations fit for the 21st century
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24th March
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Finding the most effective and accessible way to equip yourself and your organisation to respond to disruption can be daunting.

Disruption Summit cuts through the noise surrounding digital disruption to deliver the very best and latest thinking around:
Embracing emerging technologies and new ways of working to build 21st century organisations

Harnessing data and the latest digital technologies to improve customer and citizen experience
Developing smart, scalable infrastructure - the backbone of digital first organisations
Simply 'doing digital transformation' is missing the point
At Disruption Summit we believe organisations have the power to be truly transformative.

Our events aim to equip you with the knowledge and insight to build digital first organisations that not only deliver for share holders but also deliver a positive impact for people and the planet.
From Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Conversational Interfaces, Data Driven Personalisation, User Centric Service Design.

The Disruption Summit programme brings together Europe's leading disruptors and innovators.

Previous speakers include:
David Gram
Intrapreneur In Residence
Emma Stace
Chief Digital Officer
Dr Sam Shah
Director of Digital Development
Tessa Clarke
David Sharp
Mark Walsh
Uniteck / Sales director
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