Sponsors and Partners
Sponsors and Partners.
FutureGov reforms public services by supporting organisations through digital transformation and service design. They believe in the power of 21st-century organisations to deliver the highest quality, citizen-centred services that have a lasting impact for all.

FutureGov has been changing public sector organisations through digital transformation since 2008. In that time they've doubled in size, opened a new studio in Sheffield, expanded the FutureGov family, recently moved the London studio to London Bridge and worked with over 50 local authorities of all shapes and sizes from Sussex to Aberdeen.

They are transformation partners with City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Essex County Council and Homes England, supporting them through change at scale. FutureGov also partnered with Hackney and North East Lincolnshire councils to build their in-house approach and work in joint teams to deliver at scale, in addition to working with housing associations, charities and healthcare providers to transform their organisations and design better end to end services.
Blue Prism
In this digital era, only the most agile and innovative enterprises will thrive. As the pioneer in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Blue Prism has emerged as the trusted and secure Intelligent Automation choice for the Fortune 500 and public-sector market.

Blue Prism makes government agencies' business operations more agile and cost-effective by augmenting their human workforce with a "digital workforce" of Intelligent software robots. The robots are managed by the agencies business teams and governed by IT, enabling employees to focus on higher-value work, while autonomous multi-skilled software robots tirelessly perform error-free rules based administrative transactions. Whether for mission delivery, citizen engagement, work-force realignment or back-office functions, Blue Prism can enable governments to transform business processes, reduce costs, and improve citizen experience and overall workforce satisfaction. Blue Prism offers Centralised Management to ensure absolute policy compliance, scalability and IT approval. Blue Prism is not cumbersome like IT built automation, it is flexible and easy to use.

Only Blue Prism offers a flexible, proven Government RPA solution that is easy to use, works with virtually any application across heterogeneous environments and meets the strict compliance guidelines of IT governance.

Humanising the automation experience.

Your robotic process automation partner.

Our belief is that the success of Robotic Process Automation relies on engaging stakeholders, implementing the right technology in a holistic way and enabling the humans central to its adoption. Our goal is to drive efficiencies across the organisation and create a self-sufficient centre of excellence for the future, while helping people focus on more interesting, business-critical work. Talk to us about a Proof of Value.
Notbinary works with institutions to help them embrace the opportunities of the internet era.

We are trusted by government, education, charities and industry to design and engineer user-centric solutions to hard problems using modern cloud-based technologies.

We do much more than meet technology challenges. Notbinary supports institutions to implement lean and agile methodologies, new business models and user engagement to secure sustainable, successful change.

Many of our people are veterans of the kinds of institutions we seek to support. They bring insights that create empathy with our clients based on an understanding of the challenges clients face and the expectations of their users.

Nexus connects global innovative businesses to world-class research and expertise at the University of Leeds. We provide access to leading experts, talent and facilities, to assist disruptive companies in making groundbreaking developments in health, data, environment and engineering. Whether you're an entrepreneur, start-up, SME or corporation, we'll provide you with bespoke support that delivers real commercial impact and accelerates growth.
CLGdotTV is an independent webTV channel producing and broadcasting programmes about, for, and by anyone involved in the provision of public services, particularly at a local level. We provide a free-to-access platform for people who deliver public services to talk about their work, and have this content amplified through social media and professional networks.

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